Thank you for stopping by!  I know you are probably feeling tired, busy and have lot on your mind but I also know photographing your family is important to you.  Maybe your due date is fast approaching or you keep noticing your little ones are sprouting and changing so fast it hurts.  You don’t want any more time to slip away before capturing these precious moments.  As a wife and mama to four kiddos, I understand and know that  the thought of getting family portraits done can feel overwhelming but we both know it is an investment you will not regret.

I’ve been photographing newborns, children and families for over ten years.  I’ve had the honor to meet many amazing families and watch them grow up and in size.  I’ve also had the privilege of appearing on the popular Arizona morning show 3 TV’s Your Life A to Z!  to feature some of my work as one of Arizona’s premiere family and child photographers.

With time and wisdom, I have come to appreciate the beauty in simple things. I am inspired by nature. Love the great outdoors, road trips and traveling to new places. This past summer we completed a dream road trip, the “Drive of a Lifetime”, traveling up the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway from from Santa Monica, CA, through Carmel, Monterrey, Santa Cruz and all way up to San Francisco. Did I mention I left my heart there? With four kids in tow, it was hectic at times but so worth it! I also however, just love to be home, curled up with a good book, simplifying, organizing, and cooking healthy meals. I treasure family dinners around our kitchen table.

In mid 2008, while my photography business was thriving and I was pregnant with my third baby, I received the devastating news that my baby had a congenital heart defect and would require open heart surgery right after birth. Since then and before her turning two years old, she has had two more open heart surgeries and will unfortunately require more. My life shattered into a million little pieces. During this time I withdrew from my photography business to heal my spirit and focus all my energy on helping my daughter mend her literal broken heart.

Although very difficult to experience, it has taught me many valuable lessons. Those lessons fuel my passion and appreciation for life and my desire to document this beautiful gift. Life is fleeting, we didn’t stay little forever and neither will our children. Each family has a unique story. It is my desire to help you treasure and remember your story through beautiful photographs that remain after the moment has passed

So whether you’re in Arizona or another area let’s capture your beautiful life together.

I’d love to chat with you if you have any questions or let’s get this process started if you are ready to book your session!




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