2016-sanfranME2Hello beautiful soul!

I am a lifestyle photographer specializing in capturing precious moments in everyday life.  I love capturing genuine love and connections in families.  I realize motherhood is a beautiful mess; an ephemeral season in woman’s life, hard, messy, crazy exhausting but also amazing, delightful and purposeful.  My joy is documenting these moments and the all the special little and big people in your life.

I am wife to a tech guy and mama to four beautiful human beings.  I am a romantic at heart, a lover of poetry and period film.  My favorite shows are Downton Abbey and Poldark, total nerd I know. I love traveling and discovering new places.  I’m always up for road trips where I look forward to coffee and conversation with my husband and the opportunity for my kids to to experience life without wifi.  I dream of seasons.  I’ve recently embraced minimalism and simple living.  I love meditating on God’s word,  His beautiful creation and experiencing His hand in my life.

I’ve been photographing for nearly ten years and have met many amazing families along the way.  I’ve had the honor to watch families grow up and in size.  I’ve also had the privilege of appearing on the popular Arizona morning show 3 TV’s Your Life A to Z!  to feature some of my work as one of Arizona’s premiere family and child photographers.  Things were going very well but suddenly my life changed.

In 2008 my world turned upside down when I learned my baby would be born with a severe heart defect requiring multiple open heart surgeries.  She has endured four open heart surgeries and is now 9 years old.  She is my hero.  Nothing teaches you to appreciate life, be truly present in the moment, cherish every smile, every embrace and every breath more than fearing it could be the last.  In the meantime, my hubby was diagnosed with cancer and my dear father suffered a major debilitating stroke.  Due the storms we faced as a family there have been lapses of time where I had to withdraw from my work and the world to heal my broken heart and help those that needed me … photography though has always led me back.

In life we have many hopes and dreams but nothing is guaranteed. Today is a gift. We must treasure today, this perfect ordinary day, before it is gone. My wish is to capture meaningful moments and connections of the irreplaceable people in your life.  My life lessons have fueled my desire to work with families who recognize the importance of preserving their most cherished memories with timeless portraits.  I come to each new session with an open mind, full heart and fresh eyes excited to meet you and document the beauty that is your life through it’s ever fleeting seasons.

So whether you’re in Arizona or another area let’s capture your beautiful life together.

I’d love to chat with you!