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 Hello dear friends! I am so excited to finally be able to share these images with you! This session holds a special place in my heart because it is of my baby sister and brother in law. Here they are pregnant with their first baby! They’ve been married for over 12 years and thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world and dedicating more time to ministry work but they finally decided it was time.  They surprised us with the news on a beach family vacation, we were all shocked but absolutely thrilled! We wanted and needed a new baby in the family!

As a mama of four, I was delighted for my sister.  I knew it would be a complete change from the life she knew before but I also knew she was about to begin one of the most beautiful chapters of a woman’s life.  I look at these images and I wish so much I had images like these of me and my husband with each of our children.

Mama’s listen to me.  You cannot rewind time!  I know you know that but in the hustle and bustle of life, especially when you are pregnant, swollen, tired, busy preparing and making decisions, and even caring for other children, you may forget and then before you know it your precious bundle is here and your photography did not get done.  The thing I know for sure is, you will never regret documenting this special time in your life.  These captured moments are not just for you.  Your children will love seeing photos of themselves in mommy’s belly too. Capturing this time will guarantee special moments in the future where you can cuddle up on the couch and flip through the photo album or watch a slideshow of your child’s very beginning.

As pregnant women, working women, mothers and caretakers, we so frequently forget to take care of ourselves…to pause for a moment and really see how incredible our journey is.  But it is an amazing journey and sadly it comes to an end as it must.  Capture your journey with something better than a cellphone selfie, see how beautiful and amazing you truly are! One day you will look back with nostalgia at the glow of your skin, the bulge of your belly, and the light of true love in your eyes and be so happy you invested in you and your families memories.  Feel free to email me to inquire about your session.

Here we are capturing a bit of their maternity session in the beautiful Arizona desert and light.


The other day, when I scrolled through our family vacation pictures, this image stopped me in my tracks.  ‘Who is this?’ I thought. Then, as I looked closer, my heart broke a lil as I realized it was actually my son. My son! My little boy! Oh dear, where had the years gone? Why did he look all grown up?  Where was I when this happened?  The truth is, I’ve been here by his side all along and yet it seems like he changed overnight.  He is my first born child and when I first had him, everyone gave me the same words of wisdom ‘enjoy this time because it’s goes by in a blink of an eye’.  I could see now that although I took those words to heart, at that time I could only really process them intellectually but now I surely do to taste this bittersweet truth.

Compelled by that sobering moment in motherhood, I wrote the following words:

And she loved a little boy very very much, more than she loved herself; then she closed her eyes but for a moment and now a man stood where a boy used to be. Her breath left her and her heart shattered, tears welled up in her eyes, and her heart pounded inside her chest as she wondered where all the years had gone by. And and no camera could ever capture the look in her eyes or the feeling in her heart when she looked at him. Heart broken but bound in love and memories her heart swelled with pride at the young man he had now become and she loved him forever because he would always be her little boy. Love you always and forever my dear son.  ~ Your mom, Michelle

This is the the beauty and power of a photograph, it allows us to feel the moments.




Don’t you just love that cozy feeling of home when there is a newborn?  Even when there is other siblings around the tone of the house drops down a notch (most of the time) to instill a sense of sacredness inside.  A new being, a special little soul has arrived!

My approach to newborn photography is simple and honest.  I don’t do props or fancy posing.  I place the baby only in your arms or in natural resting places around your home. I allow the baby to lead the way and we stop for nursing, changes and just to soothe as much as baby needs.  If the baby is not sleepy that is fine too.  In home sessions are relaxed and meaningful.  You need not pack a diaper bag or travel anywhere, everything you need and want is there.

After my visit, I always feel like I just spent a leisurely Sunday morning with a dear friend and their sweet family.  The beautiful DaSalla family was no exception, this mama dreamed of having a baby girl and she came true and is so grateful she has these precious photos of her family during this special time.



Welcome friends! Took the leap and finally committed to begin this journal.  I look forward to getting to know each other better.  I look forward to journaling some of my images and thoughts about motherhood, personal photography projects, client sessions, travels, health, books, tips etc.

A few things about me:

I am a wife and a mama.  I have four wonderful kiddos and have been married for 16 years.  Love constantly reading and learning new things.  I began photographing back in 2006 but took a breaks through the years as one of my daughters was born with a health problem requiring open heart surgery (similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s son).  I now feel like like I have finally time to breathe and this is the calm after the storm.  I refuse to wait for the other shoe to drop and instead choose to embrace life and strive to be live fully present with this gift called life.

Why I do this ~ I love meeting new families.  I love motherhood.  I love babies and kids.  I love connection and storytelling through images. Normal days are perfect. And they will only be this little once, every single phase is so fleeting.  I want to capture the raw beauty and chaos in intimate moments.